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Ocean Explorers Aquatic Center

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The lure of exploring sunken vessels, whether it's an historic ship, airplane or automobile,
is something most divers can't resist. The PADI Wreck Diver Specialty introduces you to the special considerations for wreck exploration.

Local Wreck Diving
Because hundreds of ships have found their final resting place off of the coast between Long Island
to Cape May Point, the area off our coast is known as "Wreck Valley". And, because of the wealth
of wrecks, Wreck Diving is one of the most popular types of diving we do in New Jersey. Not only
is Local Wreck Diving attractive because of the abundance of artifacts and memorabilia these shipwrecks still offer, they also serve as an artificial reef attracting all sorts of marine life, including dinner (lobsters, mussels, and scallops).

Warm Water Wreck Diving
Here is where the owner, Jim, got hooked on scuba. Along with discovering "treasure" on a historic wreck in Bermuda, he discovered his love of wrecks. So on a regular basis, Ocean Explorers travels to explore favorite wreck destinations around the world. We explore the historic wrecks off the coast of North Carolina where the fish are so abundant you can barely see the  wreck. We visit destinations in the Pacific like Truk Lagoon where the remains of Japanese ships rest waiting for us to explore. Then for the true wreck and history enthusiast, we take divers to Bikini Atoll. Called "Truk Lagoon on steroids" this is wreck diving at it's extreme. In Bikini we spend our days exploring the massive warships, submarines and planes that were part of the nuclear testing at the end of WWII and our evenings amazed by the sunset and unbelievable white sand beaches.

Minimum certification of Advanced Open Water or equivalent.
Minimum age: 15 years old

Information included:
Planning, organization, procedures, techniques, potential problems and hazards of wreck diving.
Use and preparation of special equipment such as lights, additional air supplies, reels and lines.
Techniques used for diving limited-visibility conditions and emergency procedures.

Classroom and Dives:
Academics are previewed by the student prior to classroom sessions. Each session reviews
and expands on knowledge covered in Wreck Diver Specialty book/video pak.
2 classroom sessions. Each session is approximately 3 hrs.
4 training dives. Each dive focuses on specific skills or tasks related to wreck diving.

Course Material and Equipment:
Wreck Diver Book/Video pak and logbook.
Full scuba system including tank with minimum of 80 cubic ft capacity.
Secondary air source: stage or pony bottle
Wreck reel
Primary light (secondary or back-up light recommended).

To begin your Wreck Diver adventure..
Simply call to reserve your space or stop by Ocean Explorers to pick up your Wreck Diver
book and video and start your exploration today. 732.906.8400