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Tired of limiting your diving to your vacation time? Well, unless you are one of the fortunate few who can jet off to follow the endless summer and only dive where the water temperature is above 80 degrees, then you should think about adding a dry suit to your dive equipment. By simply adjusting the amount of thermal protection worn underneath the dry suit, a diver can dive a wide range of water temperatures comfortably.

No minimum certification level.
Minimum age: 12 years old

Information included in the Dry Suit Diver Specialty:

Basic explanation of the features and functions of dry suits. Proper techniques for care and maintenance.
Most importantly, it provides students with both a pool session and training dives where the diver can practice buoyancy skills essential to safe comfortable dry suit diving.

Academics & Dives:

Academics are previewed by the student prior to pool session. Classroom sessions: None required Pool dive: can be completed at any of our training facilities. 2 training dives. Each dive focuses on specific skills or tasks related to dry suit diving.

Course Material and Equipment:
Dry Suit with appropriate thermal protection Dry Suit Diver Book/Video pak and logbook Full scuba system
Ankle weights Additional weight as determined in pool session.

To begin your Dry Suit Diver adventure...
Your dry suit education starts with an appointment with Jim and a dry suit orientation. Jim will spend as much time as you need helping you decide which type of suit best fits your needs explaining available options. In just a few minutes you can be measured for the perfect fit.

To schedule your dry suit orientation, just give us a call. 732.906.8400