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Technical Diving
What is it?  Is it for you?

Recent changes in training and the concept of sport diving limits have opened up new dive destinations and activities for divers.  Exploring shipwrecks or reefs beyond the traditional 130 foot limit, or extending the bottom time into decompression allows divers unlimited opportunity for adventure.  If you are seeking adventure beyond the traditional recreational limits, we now offer technical or what we refer to as “tecreational” training.  Tec-reational diving is not necessarily going deeper, but staying longer within your diving “comfort zone.”  You no longer have to limit your bottom time to short no-decompression limits.  With the proper training and equipment you can extend your dives and expand your horizons.

“Tecreational” diving is not for everyone.  It requires a substantial commitment in time and a considerable financial investment.  There are many prerequisites that must be met but if you’ve “been there, dove that.”  This may be your next step.

Want to dive with the latest and the greatest in high tech dive gear?  Look into Rebreathers.    This is the future of diving.  Ocean Explorers technical Instructors can teach you to use a Semi Closed Circuit or Fully Closed Circuit Rebreather.   Call or stop in for more information.

We use PADI and  IANTD courses for our technical and “tecreational” courses.  We customize these programs using the best methodologies from each and compliment the training with the latest information available.