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Ocean Explorers Aquatic Center

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The benefits of taking the Deep Diver Specialty are numerous. Here are a few of the basic benefits. A deeper look into narcosis, decompression illness, buoyancy, air consumption and other issues that are relevant for every diver, but especially important for those who intend to go "Deeper into Diving".
How long has it been since you practiced air sharing skills? For most of us the answer may be "Never", but our comfort with this basic skill can make a significant difference in an out of air situation at 110 feet. A review of this skill, the expansion of some basic
skills and the introduction of some additional
important new ones are part of what we learn in this course. Increases the depth limit of your certification. Believe it or not, most divers forget that the depth limit for divers with Advanced Open Water certification is 100 feet, not 130 feet. It's a prerequisite for Technical training.  By learning and reinforcing the skills and knowledge found in this course, we prepare ourselves to continue our learning through courses such as Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Techniques, Recreational Trimix and Closed Circuit Rebreather.

*** You don't have to dive deep to benefit from this course. The principles are valid to every diver.

Minimum certification of Advanced Open Water or equivalent.
Minimum age: 15 years old

Classroom & Dives:
Academics are previewed by the student prior to classroom sessions. Each session reviews and expands on knowledge covered in Deep Diver Specialty book/video pak.  1-2 classroom sessions. Total classroom time is approximately 4-6hrs. 4 training dives. Each dive focuses on specific skills or tasks related to deep diving.

Special considerations for training dives:
You have 3 options but, because of safety considerations, the number of dives that can be completed per day may be limited based on conditions and depth limits recommended by PADI for specific dives.
Dutch Springs Option- On a frequent basis, we conduct the training dives for Deep Diver at Dutch Springs, a training facility just outside Bethlehem, PA. Because it provides for easy preparation, organization and skill completion, Dutch Springs is the perfect place to do 1,2 or all of the dives for this course.
Warm Water Option - complete the dives on one of our warm water adventures. Simply
check the Travel page for a trip that sounds good. Most warm water
adventures offer great opportunities to complete your training while
enjoying some colorful fish, reefs or wrecks.
Local Boat Option - Complete your training dives while you explore our local wrecks on
the Venture III.

Course Material and Equipment:
Deep Diver Book/Video pak and logbook.
Full scuba system including tank with minimum of 80 cubic ft capacity.
Secondary air source: stage or pony bottle
Primary light (secondary or back-up light recommended).

Favorite Deep Diver Destinations: Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Truk Lagoon, Bahamas, North Carolina

To begin your Deep Diver adventure..
Simply call to reserve your space or stop by Ocean Explorers to pick up your Deep Diver
book and video and start your exploration today. 732.906.8400