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Ocean Explorers Aquatic Center

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Starting your underwater experience…




Ever Since You Were a Kid
You've Wanted to Try It.





Ever since you were a kid, you probably wanted to try scuba diving. Now you only need to invest a few minutes to find out firsthand what diving is like. Our Discover Scuba experience can have you underwater, breathing air, in no time at all - all in the safe, warm confines of a swimming pool.

Discover Scuba is simple, easy, fun and FREE! If you would like to find out what scuba is all about… during the first night of most of our Open Water Scuba classes, we offer an orientation to our scuba program and the opportunity to actually try scuba. To experience the thrill, all you need is a bathing suit, a towel and the desire to try this exciting sport.


What's an "Open Water Diver"?
An Open Water Diver program is your first step towards a lifetime as an underwater adventurer.

In a few short sessions, you will learn everything you need to know to enjoy the underwater world. You'll learn how to use and assemble a scuba system, a few rules for staying safe and some tips on how to maximizing your underwater fun. Upon completion, you will have earned your passport to scuba…you'll be an Open Water Diver.

Ocean Explorers can offer basic certification from several training agencies. These are PADI, (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) YMCA Scuba, IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers) and SDI (Scuba Diving International).  This assures our students that their diving credentials will be recognized anywhere they choose to dive around the world.

It is easy and fun…
At first it might sound complicated, but it's really easy. There are 3 simple parts to getting certified: Academics, Confined Water Skills and Open Water Dives.

Academics - All course material is completed by self-study at your convenience through book/video or book/ DVD. Just read and watch at home then spend a few minutes in class reviewing what you learned and your done.

Confined Water Skills - This is simply another name for the scuba skills you will learn in the pool. During your 5-6 pool session, your instructor will show you how easy it is to actually use your scuba system and dive. Each session is completed at your own pace. The only prerequisites are a basic swimming ability and good physical health.

Open Water Dives - Once you've completed your academic and pool skills you are ready to do your four training dives. A total of four dives are conducted over 2 days. During these dives you will demonstrate for your instructor the simple skills you learned in the pool. It's really that easy!

There are three options for completing your Open Water Training dives. Choose which one best fits your needs.

1. Dutch Springs
One of the best training sites in the country, Dutch Springs is a wonderful facility located outside Bethlehem, PA. just a little more than an hour's drive from Edison. During your two days of diving, you will spend a few minutes of each dive doing skills with your instructor and the rest exploring the school bus, airplane, fire truck and the many other underwater attractions.
2. Ocean Explorers Warm Water Getaway
Want to do your dives somewhere warm? Join us on one of our warm water adventures to complete your four dives. All of our trips are guided by one of our instructors and most of our trips are to destinations that will allow you to complete your training.

3. Referral:
Through our referral service you can do your training dives with any one of 2000 PADI resorts around the world. Enjoy your vacation and finish you scuba course at the same time. Referral package $25.

Group Classes
Classes meet either once or twice a week for a total of 5-6 sessions. Each session lasts approximately 3-4 hours.

Semi-Private Classes:
Have a small group of friends who want to get certified? We can arrange a special semi-private class just for your group.

Private Classes:
If time or scheduling is an issue, don't worry. We have a special program that can accommodate almost everyone. We will set up the academic, pool, and even the training dives around your schedule.

Learning to dive is fun and easy and after these 3 steps you will be a certified Open Water Diver. It's just the beginning of your adventure. There are many other exciting opportunities for you to continue  learning and get Deeper into Diving. Check out the list of Specialty Courses available to you.

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