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Ocean Explorers Aquatic Center

180 Lafayette Avenue
Edison, New Jersey  08837
Tue - Fri 12:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Sat  12:30 - 5 p.m.


Most people don't realize there are over 20 specialty courses available for divers looking to expand their diving knowledge and skills. Of these specialties, we have found that four are the most popular. And,  as Northeast residents, we are extremely fortunate that all four can be completed in our own backyard.

So, what are these popular specialties?

Believe it or not, NJ offers some of the best wreck diving in the world. And, whether you're interested in exploring historic local wrecks or ones we find on our warm water excursions, the Wreck Diver Specialty teaches how to maximize that experience. More...

DEEP DIVER SPECIALTY is popluar, not only because of the wealth of information and practical skills it provides, but completion of this course certifies divers to dive to the maximum recreational depth limit... 130 feet. So, whether you want to explore some of  the deeper local wrecks or the coral covered walls of Cozumel, this course allows you to do so safely and confidently. More...

The fastest growing specialty in the world is PADI's NITROX DIVER SPECIALTY.

Why? Extra bottom time and added safety. More...




DRY SUIT SPECIALTY is the perfect way to extend our dive season. It's not only for local divers, an increasing number of divers are finding the benefits of diving dry both practical and more comfortable. More...