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Ocean Explorers Experimental Dive Unit

The Ocean Explorers Experimental Dive Unit is a well traveled group of experienced divers trained in technical diving.  This informal organization is dedicated to the development of cutting edge dive technology.  The unit will from time to time evaluate new equipment, dive destinations and new training programs.

In past reviews the unit has reported on the current state of rebreathers, the nuclear fleet on the bottom of Bikini Atoll and the new multi-gas dive computers.

This report will focus on a new backplate system and a new course from IANTD.

The OE.edu recently traveled to three destinations in the month of August: the St. Lawrence Seaway , Nassau Bahamas and the wrecks of North Carolina .  Several members tested the new backplate and harness system from Ocean Management.  The backplate, which is usually used for diving doubles, has slots for single tank bands machined into it.  It is now possible to use the same harness/BC system for both double and single tanks.  This facilitates an easy transition between sport and tec or tecreational dives.  You no longer need two BC systems.   While most evaluators agreed that this is probably not the BC for new divers, it is a perfect solution for the experienced sport/tec/tecreational diver.

The newest addition from the training agencies is the new Recreational Trimix course from IANTD.  This is a sport diving program with no required decompression stops.  It is designed to reduce or eliminate inert gas narcosis in sport divers.  The basic course is for divers certified to a max. depth of 100 and the advanced for divers to 130.   Prerequisites are Nitrox Diver for the basic and Advanced Nitrox for the Advanced Recreational Trimix course.  Several students on the St. Lawrence Seaway trip used the mix and reported a substantial reduction in the narcotic effects at depth.  This program appears to be a winner.


Several members of the Experimental Dive Unit have tried and are now diving the Megalodon Rebreather from InnerSpace Systems Corp.  This sophisticated rebreather is the only multi-mission, multi-tasking CCR in the world.  Perfect for the traveling diver, the Meg is the perfect choice for both the recreational and technical rebreather diver.